Economics of Conflicts, LMU, Summer 2018


23/04: The lecture on May 22 is canceled due to university holidays. Instead, you will receive (around the end of May) a problem set covering Tullock contests and all-pay auctions as practice for the exam.

11/04: Time of the lectures was updated to 16:15-19:30 (with 15 min break). Presentation for Lecture 1 is now available under course resources. If you don’t know the password to access the course resources, send an email to Jana.

26/03: We have a room change: Richard-Wagner-Str. 10, D016.

28/02: Please send an e-mail to Jana if you plan to attend the first lecture. This is for logistical purposes only.

Instructors: Jana Cahlíková ( and Marco Serena (; Senior Research Fellows at the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance
When: 16:15h-19:30h every Tuesday from April 10 to July 10, 2018 (except May 1, May 22, and June 19). Exam on July 17.
Where: Richard-Wagner-Str. 10, D016.
Language: English
Office hours: By appointment via email
Relevant course information:

Syllabus: You can download the most recent version of the course syllabus here.

Course resources: Please, find lecture slides and readings here. If you don’t know the password, send an email to Jana.